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Your Top orthopaedic Surgeons in Pittsburgh

Meet Dr. Brian Kelly

Whether you’ve sustained an injury or have been dealing with chronic pain, you deserve care from an orthopaedic surgeon & doctor you can trust.

Dr. Kelly is an orthopaedic surgeon with fellowship training in orthopaedic sports medicine and shoulder repair surgery. He offers comprehensive orthopaedic care for a wide range of conditions and sports injuries.

As an orthopaedic shoulder specialist and sports medicine orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Kelly has years of clinical expertise in repairing fractures, ligament reconstruction, meniscus surgery, elbow arthroscopy, rotator cuff surgery, shoulder replacement surgery, and arthritis.

If you’re ready to start receiving care from one of the top orthopaedic doctors Pittsburgh has to offer, don’t wait. Schedule your first appointment with Dr. Brian Kelly today.

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Dr Brian Kelly

GPOA Orthopaedic Surgeon in Pittsburgh

We Accept Insurance

If you’re in orthopaedic pain, you deserve the best possible care to help you achieve a full-long-term recovery, and cost should never be an obstacle. That’s why Dr. Brian Kelly is proud to accept insurance from a range of providers across the Western Pennsylvania region.

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